And why we started the fight

With our address being Madison Lake, we have had people ask, "Why do you care about this project?"  While our address is Madison Lake, our phone number is Eagle Lake - we're right next to the line.  The city council intended to annex all of LeRay Township and that includes us.  We choose to be surrounded by agricultural land and now we're apparently in the path of reckless plans to industrialize our neighborhood. So the decisions with this project absolutely affect us and our rural neighborhood.  We may be the most publicly vocal ones, but we're definitely not alone in wanting to protect the right to enjoy the properties we own that contain our homes.

We support businesses in both Madison Lake and Eagle Lake.  We support agriculture.  We've attended NASCAR races and also like truck pulls, demo derbies, atvs and have a trail that runs around our property.  We don't hate motorsports or fast cars.  It just doesn't belong next to homes when the residents don't want to live next to it. 

From the beginning we have been lied to.  At the open house residents were spoken to as though they were the new guy in town and knew nothing about the area where we lived.   Questions went unanswered and the developer hasn't been back to speak to the residents since (over a year now).  There was a lot of missing information in the EAW and a lot of changes afterward - when residents couldn't submit comments anymore.  And that's okay? Who does it fall on when expected violations occur because it was too inconvenient to explore the issues further?   If residents have to follow the rules to build a deck, set up a pool, put up a fence, etc. shouldn't the same be expected of larger development?    

We've been told to move if we don't like it.  No.  Why should we?   We didn't ask for this or move next to it. 

I (Erin) have spent over a year following the progress of this proposed project.  It's been a moving target since day 1. Conflicting information, rumors, questions, and a whole lot of other information that at times made zero sense.  We have participated in multiple city council meetings.  We have made ourselves available to anyone who wants to question our purpose or correct any of our information.  We haven't hidden our names or where we live.* I do my best to make sure information provided can be publicly found or note when it's opinion (or not public).  The lack of transparency has been a big issue so we try to be as transparent as possible.  

*Due to some (welcome!) feedback, I want to explain this as we're not prominently identified here or on the recent letter that went out to the local area.  We have pulled back with our names being front and center as the association of CAMP doesn't just include us.  Additionally, we have had unfavorable attention brought to our personal residence.



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