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And why we started the fight

We built our home in the area 16 years ago, one of the newer homesteads in the neighborhood. Our mailing address is Madison Lake, but we’re not far from Eagle Lake (in fact, we’re closer).  However we thought we were far enough to avoid being IN Eagle Lake for quite some time – if even in our lifetimes. 

We don’t hate motorsports or noisy events (speaking only for Mike and myself).  We attend plenty ourselves - but we don’t want to live next to one and neither do others.  We’ve been told that if we don’t like it, WE should move.  Or this proposed project could find a more suitable location where it would be less of a disturbance. 

From the open house on June 12, 2019 we have been lied to, ignored, and insulted.  The public has been given grandiose visions and conflicting information.  Transparency from the city has been nearly nonexistent. Questions went/go unanswered and rumors were allowed to gain enough ground to successfully mislead many.  We now know that we were given one project to review and another is being planned.  This process has been a rushed mess and for what?  To pay the consequences later when it’s too late? Will those lax rules apply to future development?

I (Erin) have spent thousands of hours going over documents, asking questions, fact-checking, cataloging conflicting information, attending meetings, taking notes, talking to residents, etc.  The decision to file an appeal was not one taken lightly or blindly. We believe that a large addition such as this should be thoroughly vetted to address concerns and that personal interests shouldn't create a rush to build now and fix it later. 

We haven’t hidden where we live or who we are, but we respect the privacy of other CAMP members to reveal themselves on their own time (if at all).  There have been some concerns about safety and retribution.


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