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In the afternoon of November 27th, the day the decision was released, the developer announced he would NO LONGER BE PURSUING THE PROPOSED MOTORSPORTS PARK PROJECT!

Most fans of racing know the solid black flag.  It means rules were broken or a driver is dealing with an issue that could be a hazard to others on the track.   

When this project was first proposed at this location in June 2019, residents who attended the open house saw the red flags.  We never imagined it would take over 4 years and 2 rounds with the Court of Appeals to hold the developer and the city accountable for the red flags we all saw, but they turned a blind eye to.  Namely the irreversible damage to prime farmland and habitats, and the affect of the quality of life for humans and wildlife.  It's not that they couldn't find the information for the studies requested, it's that they didn't WANT to - because it would hurt their argument. 

Going forward we hope the City of Eagle Lake will do a better job of vetting proposed projects and the developers who pitch the proposals.  Do the homework.  Make some red marks.  And when an elected official uses their position to advance a controversial proposal: STOP IT.  It's more than clear that this proposed project should have moved on to an Environmental Impact Statement on May 28, 2020. 


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