January 28th - Oral arguments are heard with the Court of Appeals.  These were done via Zoom.  Our lawyer was given 20 minutes, then their lawyer was given 20 minutes and our lawyer was given 5 minutes for a rebuttal.

April 5th - Councilman Terrell leaves the city council to move out of city limits, leaving 2 years left on his term.  His outgoing speech to the city council: "I’d really like you to, uh, on that driving course out there – keep pushing forward.  Uh, I know it’s a different economy now, I…..can only expect that, you know, that the judges will see it in the city’s favor, uh, cause that could be huge for Eagle Lake.  And if it takes some tax increment finance - financing to get that thing going again, just get it done.  Cause the long term thing for Eagle Lake would be huge.  And uh, we put a lot of work into that, took a lot of grief…and uh, a whole lot of grief – and it wasn’t….well, you know the story behind that.  Anyway, just keep moving forward.  And uh, I’ll miss it.”  This speech can be viewed/heard here at the 1:52:30 mark.

April 26th -  The city's decision to not do an Environmental Impact Statement is reversed and remanded. Which means they need to do further review before making a decision to do an EIS (again). They failed to rely on substantial evidence to determine the project's potential effects on wildlife and failed to consider the project's cumulative effects on climate change.