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Besides noise and traffic, other concerns were brought forth:

  • A 10 foot wall on top of a 10 foot berm is suppose to be "aesthetically pleasing".  For who?  The resident who can see an open field to the west and sunsets along the trees or for the developer who won't have to see the residents?

  • The developer hasn't physically attended a city council meeting since July 1, 2019.  I say "physically" because when meetings were moved to online I did see his name as a participant for 2 meetings, but when questions were asked either Matt Daly (CPA with Crow River Financial) or Matt Lassonde (Bolton and Menk) would answer.  He never spoke a word. How does he plan to be a part of the community when he won't even talk to the residents?

  • Even with the hotel and entertainment center no longer a part of the project, a bar and restaurant have been added to the clubhouse.  With fuel likely and food onsite, why would patrons need to go into Eagle Lake and support one of the businesses in town?  Will it increase impaired driving?

  • Residents wondered why it couldn't be named after Eagle Lake if this was meant to create a "destination location".  

This project is suppose to be privately funded.  Yet when an outgoing councilman addressed the council at his last meeting, he encouraged them to keep pushing forward and said, "And if it takes some tax increment finance - financing to get that thing going again, just get it done."

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