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Because now it's up to the residents

You can sign and share our petition and/or donate to help!

Additionally, you can contact the Eagle Lake City Council to voice your opinion.  We continue to come upon residents who know very little about this proposed addition to their town.  If it's such a great addition to the area, where is the promotion to gain the community's support?  You voted for them, feel free to ask what's up!

Tim Auringer

Council Members

Garrett Steinberg, Mayor Pro Tem

Anthony White (new to council in 2021)

Beth Rohrich (new to council in 2021)

John Whitington (new to council in June 2021)

Former council involved with May 28, 2020 EIS decision:

John Ries (term ended in 2020)

Ryan Short (term ended in 2020)

Dennis Terrell (left council in April 2021)

How to help!: Text
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