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 Since the initial proposal in February 2019, there have been multiple descriptions of the facility, the amenities and information regarding public access.  Additionally, there has consistently been no indication that this facility has amenities for anyone under the legal driving age.

Below is the latest description that was included in the "Findings of Fact" from May 2020:

The development includes several elements, including the driving track that will be approximately 3-miles in length. Along with the track, a track clubhouse, 11 multi-unit car condo buildings, and potential commercial development are to be constructed. The 11 car condo buildings are multi-unit condos containing individual units, including a garage unit and storage areas. The garage condo buildings will range in length from 160’ to 300’ and will range in width from 50’ to 80’. The car condo buildings are located south of the clubhouse, which will be 140’ by 70’, and west of the potential commercial development, which potentially could include commercial uses such as a hotel and entertainment center (19,200 square feet total). All structures, other than car condo buildings, have associated parking lots. The total square footage of commercial buildings will be approximately 189,700 ft2. Access to the site will be facilitated from a connection to 216th Street/CSAH 27. The complex entrance will require the construction of an entrance road, continuing along 216th Street which currently extends for approximately 580 feet west from the intersection with CSAH 27/CR 17. 

**The hotel and entertainment center are no longer being considered part of this project.  EVOC (emergency vehicle driving) is also removed**

The purpose of this project is to provide owners of high-performance cars and sports cars the opportunity to drive their cars on an enclosed track. The Mankato Motorsports Park will offer performance driving programs, commonly known as a high-performance driving experience, or highperformance driving school. The track can also accommodate charity or private events. The clubhouse will provide classroom training space and a restaurant and bar.

There will NOT be spectator areas, a dragstrip, or races. 

"The vehicles will have "roadworthy licenses" because the owners will use public roads to drive the vehicles to the facility." 

It has been repeatedly stated that vehicles on the track must be street legal.  No motorcycles (although street legal), atvs, go-karts, dirt bikes, etc.  

The Mankato Motorsports Park (MMP) will also offer an array of membership levels which will allow for more medium- to lower-income drivers to patronize the tracks. Mankato Motorsports Park driving schools, private track rentals, corporate and charitable events will open the track and clubhouse to a broad spectrum of motorsports enthusiasts at varying income and demographic profiles.

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