With a restaurant/bar in the clubhouse and possible plans (it hasn't been clear) for fueling onsite, will this proposed project bring activity to the current businesses in Eagle Lake?  

In July 2019, LeRay Township submitted a response to 2 sets of draft orderly annexation agreements that they had received from the city of Eagle Lake. One draft covers the entire township and the other focused on the 3 parcels needed (and ultimately annexed) for the Motorsports project.  



From the Findings of Fact:

In response to the claim that this is contributing to urban sprawl; the City of Eagle Lake has annexed this property into City limits zoned industrial, recognizing this location is within the growth area for the City. Its proximity to the highway makes this land attractive for many commercial/industrial uses such as distribution centers, truck stops, manufacturing facilities, and many other similar type facilities.

In 2018, Eagle Lake's Comprehensive Plan

(Appendix D), their main goal was to maintain their existing neighborhoods and small-town feel.  There is mention of a discussion with creating an Industrial Park "to the north", but that the land would remain agricultural for the foreseeable future.  They'd like to see the northwest portion used for commercial development, as well as CSAH 17 (between Eagle Lake and Mankato).

When does Eagle Lake stop being a small town?  What goes with that when the label doesn't fit anymore?


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