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Is this a "must have" for the community?

Aside from the talk of a “new tax base”, the developer has yet to show any fiscal benefits to this project being in this area.  He cannot guarantee success and has in fact scaled back from the original larger proposal back in July 2019.  As of the September 30, 2020 meeting to go over the draft for the developer’s agreement, he was still suggesting events this facility could host – events that were not only NOT included for the traffic study, but events that would be impractical (such as the Mankato Marathon).

The initial pitch desired to make Eagle Lake a “destination location” – even though the proposal was essentially a small community itself: Residential condos, possible town square, tires and sales service (for members only), food/bar service (for members only), possibly a restaurant.  Since that time we have also learned that fueling onsite is a possibility (also something not clearly addressed in the EAW).  With needed amenities onsite, would that “destination location” help the current businesses in the rest of Eagle Lake?  If new restaurants were built, would that draw business away from the Eagle's Nest and the Legion?  How would it help opening Uncle Albert's Cafe again?   

Sure, there is interest, but many proponents excited for the development probably wouldn’t even be able to use it.  It’s speculative development and that is often the last thing a small town needs.

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