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Comments submitted in response to the EAW:

"The cemetery in Eagle Lake lost some of tranquil country setting when highway was built south of the cemetery and will lose some of its rural setting with motorsports park construction."

"The existence of the cemetery is not mentioned but is extremely relevant to those who have family members buried there. It should be mentioned and considered."

The response: The cemetery will continue to be accessible to those who wish to visit.  

Clearly the concern is not about being able to have access to the cemetery.  While I do not have any loved ones interred at this cemetery, it is a well maintained and beautiful site.  It was barely given a passing glance in the EAW and should have been noted in existing land use as a significant place. 

Initially Old Hwy 14 went right past it on the north side before being moved to the other side when expanded to 4 lanes. Given it's service in southern Minnesota a 4 lane highway in this area was inevitable and necessary.      

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