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 In February 2019 a project was proposed by Bradford Development to build Mankato* Motorsports Park next to Eagle Lake.  Residents have raised concerns about noise, traffic, impact on wildlife, loss of agricultural land, effect on small town atmosphere, aesthetics, conflict of interest, transparency, etc.  These concerns have been brought to the Eagle Lake City Council numerous times.  On May 28, 2020 they decided to forgo an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) after an Environment Assessment Worksheet (EAW) brought on 350 comments/concerns from the public and local agencies.

There are many red flags with this project, the process, and how it's been allowed to get this far.  

The Citizens Against the Motorsports Park (CAMP) are filing an appeal with the Minnesota Court of Appeals pursuant to Minn. Stat. 116D.04, subd. 10.  

On April 26th, 2021 the decision to not do an Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed park was reversed and remanded for failing to rely on substantial evidence to determine the project's potential effects on wildlife and failing to consider the project's cumulative effects on climate change.

****This proposed project and website are NOT affiliated with Mankato Motorsports in Mankato.****

With the exception of the "Why" section (and where noted), information included on this site can be found on the Eagle Lake website, city council meeting minutes, the developer's website, social media posts, various media outlets and the petition.

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The unincorporated association Citizens Against [the] Motorsports Park is comprised of a group of local residents who have been working together to bring important information to the forefront of this project seeking approval.  Members have attended and spoke at city council meetings, submitted comments for the Environmental Assessment Worksheet review, and work to make sense of the often conflicting information we/the public receive in regards to this proposed project.  

As stated in our bylaws:

The association is a citizens group created for the mission and purposes of opposing establishment of a Mankato Motorsports Project in Eagle Lake, Minnesota, through appropriate, lawful means, including litigation seeking an Environmental Impact Statement.

Membership in the association is open to anyone who is concerned about potential detrimental environmental effects of the project.  There are no dues or fees although members or others may contribute money, or other consideration to advance the mission of the association.

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